New Headquarters. New Logo. Renewed Commitment.

Binary Pulse is closing out the year with a bang. We’re pleased to announce our relocation to our new headquarters as well as the introduction of a brand new corporate logo.

A bold new look for a brave new world.

The Binary Pulse logo has been around in its current form since 1999. It was created to reflect the roots of our name. “Binary Pulse” is intended to convey our belief that any complex technology can ultimately be boiled down to a digital core – a simple one and zero. An intuitive, binary heartbeat. That same sort of distillation is what Binary Pulse aims to bring to technology marketing. We aim to craft content-rich experiences that simplify complexity and prioritize understanding.

Since we established the original logo, our philosophical mission has remained the same. But the world has evolved. It’s gone mobile. Embraced touch technologies. Expanded socially. Become more connected. And we felt it was time for our logo to reflect this new sensibility.

Our new wordmark is intended to connote a fluid sense of connection. One of streamlined ease where one letter flows into the next…much like a customer progresses through a buyer’s journey. Or a finger glides across a touch screen. Or like a seamless partnership with our clients.

We also took the occasion to transition from our regal purple to a more energetic orange. Maybe it’s trendy; maybe it’s the energy it brings. Whatever the case, we just like it. Feels like a bit of a recharge as we tackle the promising opportunities ahead.

A new base camp for our continued ascent.

We’re very excited to move into our new corporate offices. Beyond an increase in square footage to support our growth, our new offices afford an improvement in the way we work – with employees, partners and clients.

Our new headquarters are bright, clean and modern. Floor-to-ceiling windows surround an open floor plan beneath high ceilings. The new space was purposefully designed to feature an in-house video studio so we can more rapidly produce valuable video and photo content for our clients. With a large, open kitchen at its center, the new office stands to be a great location to congregate, collaborate and celebrate.

Located on the ground floor of the Knobbe Martens building in the Irvine Concourse – just a stone’s throw from John Wayne Airport – we’re at the heart of Orange County.

Set your GPS to:
2040 Main Street, Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92614
949-336-7400 (our phone number stays the same)

A great time to be a Binarian

An office move is a natural time for reflection. This is an exciting milestone on our continued journey to be the preeminent technology marketing firm in, well, anywhere. We appreciate the support of our customers, partners and employees (current, past, and future) in making this possible.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think of our new logo!

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