Our Mission

Helping technology change the world.

At Binary Pulse, our focus on technology companies didn’t arise by happenstance. It was the conscious choice of people with an incurable fascination with technology and a belief that it has the power to change the world. Our optimism stems from a quiet faith that somewhere—at every moment—someone is building something better, faster, smarter, safer, healthier, cleaner…and amazing. Technology activates the human spirit of discovery and invention and, in turn, improves the human condition.

As marketers, it’s our calling to help connect technologies with the people who can benefit from them. Our role is to serve as technology translators, creating and sharing purpose-built content that broadcasts the promise of what is available and the boundless opportunity that is yet to come.

Our Commitments

What drives us.


We apply decades of marketing experience across dozens of industries and thousands of applications. This lets us hit the ground running in every engagement with relevant counsel and fresh, multi-disciplinary thinking.


We continually learn new and better ways of doing things. Whether it manifests in the caliber of our creative or the quality of our process, we bring smart and resourceful ideas to every project.


We work day-in, day-out to solve problems and make our clients’ lives easier. Dependable communication, clear business practices, and a walk-the-talk commitment to time and budget anchor our partnerships.

Binary Pulse

What’s in a name?

Binary Pulse symbolizes our belief that everything high tech can be reduced to an understandable core. Any product or service that has digital DNA—no matter how complex—can trace its heritage back to binary code. All the grand schemes, feature sets and bells and whistles distilled down to two, unassuming little digits.

That’s how we feel about marketing technology. We help companies clarify and crystallize their messaging. We translate features into benefits and complexity into simplicity. And tell human-centric stories as easy to comprehend as ones and zeroes.



Tim Howell


Tim Howell


Tim Howell started in the technology industry directly out of college working in regional sales with the large Japanese multinational, NEC, where he worked with resellers and regional distributors marketing and selling NEC’s displays, notebooks, printers and optical media products.

After NEC, Tim became Director of Marketing of a leading direct marketer of computer and peripheral products where he was an integral part of the management team that grew sales over 200% in just 1 1/2 years.

Tim then went on to a large enterprise software company to manage the relationship with a top National distributor. It was there that he envisioned a more efficient way to market software products through the channel.

As a Principal and marketing strategist of Binary Pulse, Tim leverages his extensive background in marketing and B2B sales to help companies achieve their marketing goals. In more than two decades with Binary Pulse, he’s worked with more than 200 companies, from small VC-backed startups to many of the world’s leading organizations.

Tim graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. He currently resides in Corona Del Mar, California.

Drew Mehl


Drew Mehl


Drew Mehl has nearly 30 years of experience in the ad agency business. A copywriter by trade, Drew cut his teeth in a number of Phoenix-area B2B agencies. Through this experience, he came to realize that B2B marketers and, most notably, technology companies, were starved for creative that values audience benefits over product features. This simple principle, combined with his inherent fascination with gadgets (and more than a little science fiction), soon pointed Drew toward working exclusively with tech clients.

In 1996, Drew joined Hurt/Scott Technology Marketing—the progenitor of Binary Pulse—as Creative Director. He helped institute an approach to design that prioritizes relevant messaging, engaging creative, and exceptional customer service. In 1998, Drew became a Principal with Tim Howell and re-launched the agency as Binary Pulse Technology Marketing. Since that time, Binary Pulse has become one of the preeminent marketing firms serving technology brands large and small—across the nation and around the globe.

Drew graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. He currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.



We’ve had the good fortune to work with some amazing companies and brands since 1994. Below are just some of the names that read like the past, present and future of technology.