Binary Pulse Receives 2014 Telly Award

Binary Pulse is excited to announce that we've won an Art Direction Telly Award for our video, "HomePlug – Ted and Maria's Connected Home."

Founded in 1978, the Telly Awards are dedicated to strengthening the visual arts community by inspiring, promoting, and supporting creativity. Annually, the Telly Awards receive more than 13,000 entries from the finest and most influential ad agencies, production companies, TV stations, cable companies, interactive agencies and corporations in the world.

HomePlug Alliance is an industry organization whose mission is “to enable and promote rapid availability, adoption and implementation of cost effective, interoperable and standards-based home powerline networks and products.” In other words, broadband internet throughout your home using only your existing electrical wiring. Pretty neat, huh?

Showing what’s hard to say

As a concept, HomePlug technology can be challenging to explain – at least in words. That’s why HomePlug Alliance approached Binary Pulse to script, storyboard and produce a video that would easily convey the simplicity and convenience of their technology.

At Binary Pulse, we know that video is ideal for translating complex concepts into quick-to-grasp visual stories, and that simplicity was the goal for HomePlug. Illustrating each frame by hand, Art Director and Associate Creative Director Jeremy Bear achieved a friendly, warm tone using only line drawings against a paper-like texture. In about two minutes of simple animations, viewers learn all of the important facts about HomePlug.


“HomePlug approached us with the challenge of explaining a pretty complicated piece of tech in a way that wouldn’t alienate or intimidate their customers,” explains Bear. “A lot of thought went into the art direction of the piece, even down to the amount of ‘wiggle’ in the line work. In the end, we were able to deliver my favorite sort of project: something accessible and fun to watch that doesn’t necessarily fall in line with what our client’s competitors are doing.”

We’re very proud of “Ted and Maria’s Connected Home,” but we have lots of other visual approaches that we can custom-fit to each client’s need. So if you have a product to explain or a story to tell, give us a call. Who knows? Your video may end up winning an award.

Binary Pulse is Hiring

Binary Pulse is looking to add two members to our full-time staff. Check out our wish list for Interactive Art Director and Motion Graphics Artist/Video Editor. If one of these sound like you, or someone you know and trust, please send us an email.


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