Video Closes the Sale

Kudos to Frontgate for effectively using video to help their website visitors buy from them.

With holidays quickly approaching and a planned visit from my parents, I realized that I didn’t have a bed for our new guest room but really didn’t think about it much until I saw an ad in the Wall Street Journal for an inflatable bed from Frontgate.

I had a problem – I needed something my parents could sleep on, but it wasn’t the most important thing on my plate. When I saw an ad that offered a solution to my problem for $199 (plus tax), I figured it was time to act.
I had heard friends talk about the pros and cons of inflatable beds in the past but never really paid attention. So I decided to do a little research.

I went to the Frontgate website and was greeted with a nice informative landing page. I still had a few questions though. Was it comfortable? Would it hold up? Could my wife easily set it up?, etc.

I then saw the link to the video. I would have preferred the link to the video to be more prominent on the product information page but once I clicked on it, I found a lot of the information I was searching for in order to decide if I was going to make a purchase.

The video was about 3 minutes in length. It was professionally produced but not overdone. It addressed all the key marketing aspects I’d expected to see so I could make an informed purchase decision on the product. It covered competitive analysis: Sofa Bed vs. EZ Bed.

Demonstrated the ease of use; plug and lay 2 ½ minute set-up. Focused on the additional features and benefits such as puncture-proof thick PVC, frame durability, easy deflate and overall quality of construction.

Set up demo
Set up demo

The video covered pretty much everything I needed to know to make a purchase decision. So I ordered the product. The bed arrived in less than a week and shipping was actually pretty reasonable considering it was over 40 lbs, hey, another great selling point.

Almost inflated
Almost inflated

I asked my wife to see if she could set it up while I was at work. Just like the video showed, she took the neatly self-contained storage case, wheeled it into the empty guest room, unzipped the case (apparently the most difficult thing was cutting off the plastic twisty tie that held the zippers of the storage case together), placed the bed in the room in the area where she wanted to set it up, plugged it in and within 2 minutes it was set up and ready for the bedding. So now whether family visits, or friends come in from out of town or my daughter hosts a sleepover we’ve got an easy sleep solution thanks to the Frontgate video.


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