Helping new and current FileMaker customers succeed.

Claris FileMaker has been one of the leading relational database products for more than 30 years. During that time, the platform has evolved greatly. To help users learn all the powerful new features, Claris engaged Binary Pulse Studios. We have storyboarded, illustrated, voiced and produced nearly 100 videos for FileMaker. From live capture commercials to illustrated overviews and screencast-centric how-to’s, we help Claris put its best face forward.

FileMaker in 60 seconds

To complement a redesign of the Claris homepage, we created a 60-second overview that put the spotlight on FileMaker’s ease-of-use across different industries and applications. We concepted, wrote, cast, shot and produced this commercial and then extracted each component scenario for distribution via social and outbound campaigns.


Role-based explainers

FileMaker offers several industry/application-specific templates to help jumpstart new users. We created whimsical, illustrative explainer videos that introduce users to the templates and visualize high-level objectives and benefits.


Illustrative sample app overviews

For lessons that discuss conceptual applications of the FileMaker platform, we created videos that portray how multiple stakeholders and users can collaborate and benefit.


Hybrid illustrative/screencast how-to’s

For task-specific training, we created more than 80 videos that blend conceptual illustration and detailed screencast walkthroughs. These follow a conventional course/lesson hierarchy and are featured both in the Custom App Academy portion of as well as on YouTube.


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