Elevating Epicor’s New Brand

After decades of ERP industry leadership, Epicor was looking to refresh its brand in order to align to a new strategic focus on Cloud technology. Beyond the technical benefits of shifting from an on-premises-only architecture, the new Cloud platform also liberated clients from restrictive licensing and version control practices. This ability to focus on business outcomes rather than cumbersome administrative tasks became the foundation for the new brand, manifested in the campaign slogan “Grow Business, Not Software.”

Finding growth in every industry

Epicor software lets clients better analyze data in their businesses and trends in their markets to help make more insightful and timely decisions. This ability to find opportunities for growth among any environment inspired the initial wave of ads that invited readers to find the “up and to the right” patterns embedded in objects and environments. Vertical-tailored messaging delivered key value propositions while reinforcing the theme of choice over constraint.

A view from above

The new brand established a bird’s-eye (or Cloud’s-eye) point of view to help reinforce Epicor’s strategic focus on the Cloud, All visuals featured a top-down perspective that revealed images and icons conveying Epicor’s key brand values of growth, visibility, and simplicity. We created dozens of scenario images to populate all print, digital and event materials and establish a recognizable and unique library of brand hero visuals.

Bringing the brand to life

The new brand offered a facelift to the corporate website and was anchored by a Telly-winning corporate video that put the brand’s unique point of view into motion.


Extending across all collateral systems

In addition to driving advertising initiatives, the new brand reinvigorated all collateral systems with a fresh,¬†unified look. e-Books, brochures, data sheets, white papers…everything got a makeover. All messaging and visual guidelines were documented in a comprehensive Brand Handbook that kept internal and external creative teams in lockstep.

Behind the scenes behind the brand

Epicor senior marketing leadership and the Binary Pulse creative team reflect on the rationale behind and the intentions of the new brand.


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