Helping Druva Think Outside the Firewall

28% of corporate data lives exclusively on mobile devices. Never backed up. Unprotected. Vulnerable.

It was this simple (and sobering) reality that gave rise to our integrated campaign for Druva. When discussing all the threats to data from various nefarious forces, we thought it would be cool to visualize them. Calling upon our illustrative prowess, we crafted a visually striking campaign that brought to life a variety of creatures and things that go bump in the night that are determined to destroy enterprise data. We then positioned Druva as uniquely qualified to defend data in the wild.

A Survival Guide at the center

There is a long list of risks to mobile endpoint data and ways to safeguard against them. We distilled the most useful ones down into a 38-page e-Book that we wrote, illustrated and designed. The “Survival Guide to Data in the Wild” became the keystone hero asset at the center of the demand gen campaign.

Showcasing scary stats

Druva had compiled volumes of compelling statistics about the realities of securing mobile data. We visualized dozens of them and fed them to social channels hungry for content. Soon, Twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare and Facebook crawled with these unique and recognizable snackables.


The campaign comes to life

In addition to a landing page replete with video, the campaign further came to life. Literally. What began as one of hundreds of fever-induced sketches soon became Grumm – a shambling campaign mascot of sorts. Armed with his own Twitter account, Grumm took to the sidewalks and aisles of tradeshows around the world to show people just how vulnerable their data was.


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