Windows 8 Preview Further Reveals a Touch Screen Future

Gotta admit, the Windows 8 sneak peek is pretty cool. Obviously, a lot of similarities between the mobile UI Microsoft’s been working on for years. Some people may think that’s odd or misguided, but to me, it’s inevitable. We’re in the middle of a breakneck race toward wholly mobile computing. Why wouldn’t the OS’s of the world be trying to stay one step ahead of that trend (if not leading it)?

The video below does confirm, in my eyes, just how revolutionary Apple’s widgets were back in, what, OS 10.1? The bite-sizing of Web content was hugely significant and served as the precursor of the way we ingest everything app-by-app now. While the front end of Windows 8 looks pretty sexy, I smiled knowingly when they got to showing “regular Windows programs” like Word running and all the luster faded away to, well, Windows 7. Also, even though he acknowledged several times that Windows 8 will work with a mouse and keyboard, it undoubtedly wouldn’t look as cool. Have a look at the video:

Kudos to Microsoft for what looks to be a pretty significant OS renovation. They’re talking about launch maybe by Fall 2012. So we’ll have to see what makes it to final and if, by that time, it’s still relevant and/or unique. Microsoft could use a big win.

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