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Finding Tradeshow ROI with Location-Based Apps

Location-based apps are gradually becoming part of the social psyche. For regional marketers, location-based apps can help unlock neighborhoods and shopping centers. For tradeshow exhibitors, they stand to help unlock greater return on investment.


Two Moons Illuminate the Power of Social Media

If you’re like the bazillions of people who received the email spam that miraculously claimed that Mars would appear equal in size to the Moon Friday night, then you got a demonstration of the undeniable power of social media.


Of Mice and Men: The Rise of the New Computer Interface

At this week’s E3 tradeshow, Microsoft unveiled the really startling Kinect. After its progressive sneak peaks of the past year (under the code name Project Natal), the Kinect is now poised to be a milestone not only in how people use their Xbox 360s, but how consumers think about computer interfaces in general.


Social Media is the Top Emerging Lead Gen Channel for Technology Marketers

New research indicates that, not only are more and more technology marketers embracing social media as a key component in their marketing mix, they are also looking to move beyond just brand awareness.


Social Media Goes Medieval

When I speak to companies about the rise of social media, I often begin with a historical perspective. Underlying all the high-tech wizardry that seduces many social media users, there is a very real, very simple driving force behind the movement: humanity.


The Seismic Impact of Social Media

My family and I spent this past weekend on Catalina Island. A nice, relaxing Saturday and Sunday away from it all. While waiting for the return boat to Newport Beach to dock, we experienced the Baja earthquake and another eye-opening display of the power of social networking


Quality, Not Quantity on Twitter

Here’s three quick reasons why you want to avoid the spammy rule of reciprocity on Twitter and some sound tips to help make your Twitter effort relevant and effective.


B2B Social Media Usage on the Rise

Interesting report out from eMarketer on the rise of social media budgets. Of particular interest to us and our customers is the rise in B2B spending. It’s comforting to see that so many B2B companies are shedding the perception that social media doesn’t apply to them.


Technology Predictions Every Marketer Should Know About

Gartner has released a report entitled “Gartner’s Top Predictions for IT Organizations and Users, 2010 and Beyond: A New Balance.” Besides being a long title, the report goes long on some interesting trends analysis.


TweetDeck Does More Than Just Tweet

I’ve used TweetDeck for more than a year now. I dig it. Today I discovered that my install hasn’t been updated in some unknown period of time. I decided to manually update the version and, apparently, a LOT has happened since my last refresh. If you haven’t started using TweetDeck yet (or updated for awhile), now’s the time to jump in.


StatsPorn: Consumer Electronics Usage and Rankings

Here’s recent research from Nielsen (compiled in November 2009) on consumer electronics usage and category leadership. Everything from TV viewership to smartphone usage to the top gaming platforms.


Writing an Effective Corporate Social Media Policy

As social media continues to permeate our clients’ collective consciousness, the call for corporate policies is beginning to get louder. Some clients have the foresight to establish social media policies at the onset while some are playing catchup. So here are some good tips and references to consider when penning your company’s social media policies.

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