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10 Ways Companies Can Market Content Now

Here are 10 ways technology companies can market content now.


Finding Tradeshow ROI with Location-Based Apps

Location-based apps are gradually becoming part of the social psyche. For regional marketers, location-based apps can help unlock neighborhoods and shopping centers. For tradeshow exhibitors, they stand to help unlock greater return on investment.


The Greatest Twitter ROI Story Ever Told

Whether you are a zealous believer in or dubious skeptic about the role of social media in the technology marketing mix, you most likely join the chorus of people wondering aloud about the ROI it delivers. With the variety of social tools and applications at marketers’ disposal – combined with hundreds, if not thousands, of possible communications objectives – there are virtually limitless permutations of form an ROI calculation can take. I thought I’d share a recent experience of mine that distills down social media ROI to one day and one decision.


Multimedia Presentations Have Legs

I often talk of the undeniable value of multimedia presentations. We see it time and time again…a presentation originally conceived for use solely on a corporate Web site finds new life at tradeshows, on DVDs, in one-on-one sales presentations, as a training tool, and now in the shareable social Web. More than ever, technology marketing clients understand the enduring ROI of multimedia and online video.