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Gushing Over Technology

How excited can one really get over residential irrigation? Sure, it’s not glamorous, but that’s the beauty of solid, sensible technology – it never ceases to surprise.


Windows 8 Preview Further Reveals a Touch Screen Future

Gotta admit, the Windows 8 sneak peek is pretty cool. Obviously, a lot of similarities between the mobile UI Microsoft’s been working on for years. Some people may think that’s odd or misguided, but to me, it’s inevitable. We’re in the middle of a breakneck race toward wholly mobile computing. Why wouldn’t the OS’s of the world be trying to stay one step ahead of that trend (if not leading it)?


The Kin is Dead. Long Live the Kin.

Microsoft has officially pithed its latest mobile devices, the Kin. Revealed only in April and launched via Verizon in May amidst a significant marketing push, the Kin is waving buh-bye.


Of Mice and Men: The Rise of the New Computer Interface

At this week’s E3 tradeshow, Microsoft unveiled the really startling Kinect. After its progressive sneak peaks of the past year (under the code name Project Natal), the Kinect is now poised to be a milestone not only in how people use their Xbox 360s, but how consumers think about computer interfaces in general.


Nano Tattoos for Diabetics

So here’s a great story from the medical tech frontier. Two different sets of researchers at MIT and Draper Labs are working on nanotechnology ink that would be used to monitor blood glucose levels in diabetics.


The iPhone 4G is Officially Launched

After its much-chronicled, unofficially leaked debut, the iPhone 4G is now ready for its closeup.


Google to Goose Broadband Speed

Google has announced the experimental launch of an ultra-high speed broadband network. Currently looking for volunteer communities to trial Google Fiber, Google claims that the system will deliver Internet access 100 times faster than currently available options. Namely, 1 gigabit per second.


My Personal Best of CES 2010

I managed to get to CES in Vegas this year. It’s been years since I attended and, frankly, after a year of economic trials and tribulations, I was hoping for some technological inspiration. Something to renew my faith in geekdom. And I’m pretty sure I got it.


Automatic Captioning Now on YouTube Videos

Google just announced an interesting new service available for YouTube: automated captioning of uploaded videos. Simply upload a text file with a transcript of the video and Google’s speech recognition technology will figure out when those words are spoken and create captions based on this information. Pretty slick.


New iMac is iMazing

I had some time to kill this weekend while my car was having its oil changed. I meandered over to Best Buy to see if they had the new 27″ iMac in store. They did. And it far surpassed even my most lustful, Mac-loving fantasies.


Sony Unveils 360˚ 3D Display

Sony unveils a prototype 360-degree 3D display. Early exploration of good stuff to come.


Microsoft “Courier” Offers Glimpse of Next-Gen Tablet PC

Pretty slick video circulating about Microsoft’s hybrid Tablet PC/iPhone type device. Not sure how vaporous it is, but it’s still pretty dang cool.