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Of Mice and Men: The Rise of the New Computer Interface

At this week’s E3 tradeshow, Microsoft unveiled the really startling Kinect. After its progressive sneak peaks of the past year (under the code name Project Natal), the Kinect is now poised to be a milestone not only in how people use their Xbox 360s, but how consumers think about computer interfaces in general.


Free Trial Upsells to a Monthly Membership

As a technology marketer, I appreciate the free trial strategy, one that we suggest to many of our clients. We often recommend offering a free trial, promoting the free trial and then up-selling the next step to those who take advantage of the trial.


StatsPorn: Consumer Electronics Usage and Rankings

Here’s recent research from Nielsen (compiled in November 2009) on consumer electronics usage and category leadership. Everything from TV viewership to smartphone usage to the top gaming platforms.