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Facebook Accelerates, MySpace and Twitter Sputter

Interesting new numbers out today supporting my repeated beliefs that the social networking space is Facebook’s to lose. Consolidation toward more robust, simple and widely-adopted platforms stand to obsolete the more niche-based tools and venues. The mass behind Facebook — crossing most demographic and geographic boundaries — makes it an undeniable force. Facebook’s share of … Continued


Facebook Hits the Big 3-0-0

On September 15, Facebook announced cracking 300 million users worldwide and becoming “cash-flow positive.”


Facebook Now Supports Username Login

Want to reclaim two seconds per day? Facebook just made it possible. Now, you can log into Facebook with your vanity URL/username.


Facebook Adds Twitter-Like Tagging

I’ve written recently about Facebook posturing to claim a dominant role in the social media mainstream. As a very Twitter-like Facebook Lite prepares to rollout broadly, now Facebook fires another volley with the introduction of @tagging.


Simplifying the Social Media Landscape

Interesting article from eMarketer today about the increasing trend toward a simplified social networking landscape. According to Universal McCann’s “Power to the People: Social Media Tracker” study: “Internet users are ‘starting to focus their digital life’ around single networks, rather than around many specialized tools with social features.”

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