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Better Content Begins with U.R.B.

Is your content working as hard as it can? Measure it against the “U.R.B.” standard.


10 Ways Companies Can Market Content Now

Here are 10 ways technology companies can market content now.


Do Your Sales Letters Sizzle or Fizzle?

Even in this age of Pinterest and Instagram, a sales letter is one of the most common forms of outbound marketing. However, writing an effective one isn’t easy. Here are some of the trade secrets we use to make our clients’ outbound sales campaigns successful.


The Tweet Less Traveled

M. Scott Peck in his landmark book, “The Road Less Traveled,” wrote about striking balance in life. Balance is a discipline, like problem-solving and time management. And like most disciplines, the typical way to learn it is to get a few bruises along the way.


When Content Loses Chronology

Reading the recent news about Barnes & Noble’s financial woes and the suspected complicity of e-book sales in the company’s decline, my belief that the days of the printed book becoming a piece of nostalgia are fast approaching intensified. Regardless of what happens with e-book sales in the future, I think there’s something more interesting at work: the increased dissociation of content from physical form.


Better Copy in Technology Marketing. The Benefits Are Clear.

After a morning conference call during which the expression WIFM (“wiff-em”, aka what’s in it for me) was used more times in 10 minutes than most people will use in a year, I was inspired to return to my bully copywriting pulpit to extol the virtues of benefit-oriented copy in technology marketing.