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Better Content Begins with U.R.B.

Is your content working as hard as it can? Measure it against the “U.R.B.” standard.


Behind the Scenes of the Epicor Rebrand

Get a glimpse of what it took to successfully launch Epicor’s global rebrand with this behind-the-scenes video.


Apple Enjoys the Fruits of its Labor

This is not another prophetic or proselytizing iPad post. This isn’t another indulgent rave about my favorite brand on the planet. This is, rather, an examination of what a sustained brand loyalty effort can foster – before and after purchase. (Coincidentally, there are few more shining examples than Apple.)


Technology, Travel and/or Trickery

I was just directed to one of the more head-scratching online marketing ploys I’ve seen in some time. I don’t know if this is brilliant, bizarre or both. Phenomenal execution…I just question the relevancy. However, it just inspired me to share it, so mission number one accomplished. Great use of digital video and 3D, interactive … Continued


The Color of Technology Marketing

Color is clearly one of the most basic elements in any visual branding strategy. Color evokes psychological and even physiological reactions. It reflects things about your company and products in a powerful, unconscious way. Increasingly, technology marketers look to leverage color more fully as a way to create distinction and reaffirm identity amidst an often-homogeneous marketplace.


Virgin America. Branding Done Right.

I want to tell you about my first experience flying on Virgin America locally. Since the airline is relatively new to Orange County, I thought I’d give them a try on my recent business trip to the SF Bay area. It was a test to see how well they measured up to expectations created by their marketing promise.


Putting the People Back in Technology

This week, Intel launched its latest global branding campaign. Dubbed “Sponsors of Tomorrow” (, the campaign follows a noticeable trend in technology marketing: show us the people.


Five Marketing Tips Every Business Owner Can Learn From The Presidential Election

Whether you’re thrilled or disappointed with the results of November 4th, there are some undeniable lessons every business owner can learn about sales and marketing. In no previous election has the power of branding been more successfully realized. Let’s look at how five tenets of persuasive marketing played out.