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How to Track RSS Subscriptions

So many technology bloggers we work with get somewhat fixated on the number of user comments their posts garner (or don’t). “Why doesn’t anyone comment on our blog?” is the plaintive cry I hear. After I tell them that I sympathize (err…agonize) with them, I inform them that there are many other metrics to consider. One big one that often gets overlooked is RSS subscription.


Real-Time Search and Social Media Force SEO to Adapt

Recent announcements by Google and Bing about their increasing inclusion of tweets and social network status updates in SERPs is setting the SEO community alight. SEO is already a highly dynamic endeavor. While there are certainly core best practices that can be applied in virtually any circumstance, it requires customized effort to forge and defend page one rankings in a competitive space. Now, inject real-time feeds that can refresh literally every second and you understand why SEO is about to become infinitely more challenging and complex.


Blogging Best Practices Checklist

Blogging includes two parts: writing original blog content and then engaging in a two-way conversation with readers about it. Many of our technology marketing clients who have undertook a blogging initiative (or are weighing the decision) wonder about the day-to-day tactics of staying on top of it. Here are some tactical tips to help you be a successful blogger day-in, day-out: