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10 Ways Companies Can Market Content Now

Here are 10 ways technology companies can market content now.


Quality, Not Quantity on Twitter

Here’s three quick reasons why you want to avoid the spammy rule of reciprocity on Twitter and some sound tips to help make your Twitter effort relevant and effective.


Writing an Effective Corporate Social Media Policy

As social media continues to permeate our clients’ collective consciousness, the call for corporate policies is beginning to get louder. Some clients have the foresight to establish social media policies at the onset while some are playing catchup. So here are some good tips and references to consider when penning your company’s social media policies.


Real-Time Search and Social Media Force SEO to Adapt

Recent announcements by Google and Bing about their increasing inclusion of tweets and social network status updates in SERPs is setting the SEO community alight. SEO is already a highly dynamic endeavor. While there are certainly core best practices that can be applied in virtually any circumstance, it requires customized effort to forge and defend page one rankings in a competitive space. Now, inject real-time feeds that can refresh literally every second and you understand why SEO is about to become infinitely more challenging and complex.


Facebook: 350 Million Users and Shoring

As Facebook trumpets passing 350 million users worldwide, it’s interesting to see a development over the past few weeks. If you’re a Facebook user, you’ve probably noticed that the Suggestions area of your home page has changed a bit. The area once solely focused on recommending new friends now includes advice on how to nurture your relationships with existing friends.



I had a discussion with a friend a few days ago who is an outsider to the marketing world. When she asked about a new prospect meeting I had, I reflexively explained that I was under NDA and couldn’t discuss the company or product in any detail. (18 years of conditioning works!) However, the fact that I tweeted about attending the meeting in the first place highlights the fact that all of us engaged in any social media marketing (SMM) activities sit at the top of a very slippery slope regarding confidentiality.


Photoshop Doctoring and Malpractice

Photoshop is to a graphic designer as a rolling pin is to a baker. Clay to a sculptor. Or a scalpel to a surgeon. It’s an invaluable tool that provides essential utility. But in the wrong hands, it can produce questionable and dangerous results.


Multimedia in Email Marketing. Must…Push…the Button!

I came across a particularly simple and effective use of multimedia in an email today that I thought I’d share. Multimedia that runs in email? Not quite. Until technology inevitably allows rich media to stream directly into our email clients, the next best thing is the faux-video trick.


Blogging Best Practices Checklist

Blogging includes two parts: writing original blog content and then engaging in a two-way conversation with readers about it. Many of our technology marketing clients who have undertook a blogging initiative (or are weighing the decision) wonder about the day-to-day tactics of staying on top of it. Here are some tactical tips to help you be a successful blogger day-in, day-out: