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A Week of Tech-tonic Shifts

This week has seen really colossal movement in the tech world. A week that started with Google’s best-kept-secret move to buy Motorola Mobility for a staggering $12.5 billion now concludes with HP’s announcement that they’re ending production of mobile products and may (believe it or not) discontinue production of PCs. These aren’t the modest snatchings of trendy startups or the inevitable scrappings of products past their prime that we’re used to – these are really monumental shifts. And while people smarter than me will see these deals at much deeper levels, it seems perfectly clear what is driving both: mobility.


Steve Jobs Pitches New Apple HQ to Cupertino City Council

What can I say…every speech the guy makes seems to be newsworthy. This one happens to be particularly cool. I like the part where he kindly reminds the Councilwoman that Apple is the biggest taxpayer in Cupertino. Pretty sure they’re going to let old Steve build whatever the heck he wants. Check out the video…


The iPhone 4G is Officially Launched

After its much-chronicled, unofficially leaked debut, the iPhone 4G is now ready for its closeup.


Steve Jobs Goes on the Record Regarding Flash

There has been a LOT of press in the past few months about Apple’s seemingly inexplicable refusal to embrace Flash technology on its mobile devices. Every time I sit down to speculate on the subject, the story changes. Today, Steve Jobs himself chose to respond.


Apple Enjoys the Fruits of its Labor

This is not another prophetic or proselytizing iPad post. This isn’t another indulgent rave about my favorite brand on the planet. This is, rather, an examination of what a sustained brand loyalty effort can foster – before and after purchase. (Coincidentally, there are few more shining examples than Apple.)


New iMac is iMazing

I had some time to kill this weekend while my car was having its oil changed. I meandered over to Best Buy to see if they had the new 27″ iMac in store. They did. And it far surpassed even my most lustful, Mac-loving fantasies.