Sony Unveils 360˚ 3D Display

Interesting prototype announced by Sony recently. Check it out here:

Clearly a long way to go until this has commercial applications. (I don’t really need a glorified desktop digital clock that can show me 360-degree views of Pikachu, but it’s interesting to see things moving in this direction. Has to start somewhere.)

The application to 3D design (for artistic and industrial uses) seems particularly relevant and intriguing to me. Imagine being able to walk around a new car design as you modify it on the fly. Certain things would seem to work well in real 3D space rather than just spinning 3D images on a 2D plane.

And I’m sure, true to Sony form, they’re concocting all the cameras, media and peripherals required to capture imagery for their 3D display. More power to them.

Binary Pulse is Hiring

Binary Pulse is looking to add two members to our full-time staff. Check out our wish list for Interactive Art Director and Motion Graphics Artist/Video Editor. If one of these sound like you, or someone you know and trust, please send us an email.


Quests for Quantum

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Interstellar Travel by 2037?

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