Social Media is the Top Emerging Lead Gen Channel for Technology Marketers

Technology marketers take note. Social media IS a valuable lead generation tool. And it appears more and more of your competitors know it. Recent research compiled by eMarketer highlights that, not only are more and more technology marketers embracing social media as a key component in their marketing mix, they are also looking to move beyond just brand awareness.

The ability to nurture leads in social media is unrivaled because of its inherently two-way dialogue. While it may take multiple attempts to provoke a conversation with a prospect, the resulting interaction can offer tremendous insight into consumer needs. Not because of statistical inference or black magic – but because the consumer told you what they want. Novel idea!

Offering a social complement to your other marketing endeavors is among the most powerful ways to nurture leads. Transitioning email recipients and tradeshow booth visitors to Facebook fans or Twitter followers signifies an important escalation in relationship. I often call Twitter the ultimate opt-in marketing platform.

What you stand to learn about your prospects and customers from that point forward is a direct result of your interest and energy.

Binary Pulse is Hiring

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