Obeying business objectives.

Your website is a front lobby and a showroom and a lecture hall and a library and a town square and a factory floor and a checkout aisle all in one. It is where you introduce yourself and, for many, close the deal. Approaching it as solely as a design project is short-sighted. Scoping a web project first involves surveying business needs. Whether it’s a promotional microsite, a PPC landing page, or a full-scale corporate presence, Binary Pulse initiates any project by probing the desired business outcome before ever setting mouse to pixel. By affirming your objectives, we can map the appropriate metrics that guide your site’s success.

Where content and convenience converge.

When we talk about web site development, we use terms like “architecture” and “engineering” and “construction.” But a good site is more a result of intricate detail work than it is about gross technical prowess (although that’s important, too.) Success stems from understanding who will come to your site, what they know when they do, and why they came there in the first place. Then, through a deliberately crafted user experience couched in an appealing, intuitive design, pages should guide users through relevant content that helps them achieve their objectives easily and leave them feeling satisfied.

The end of development is just the beginning.

While it’s natural to breathe a sigh of relief when a site goes live, it’s only the beginning of its lifespan. Binary Pulse builds sites that are easy to manage and can include content management systems that help administrators keep info vibrant. Analytics tools pervade your online presence to learn what works, what doesn’t and how to react accordingly. Binary Pulse supports you with the technical acumen to adjust to the ever-evolving online landscape and the marketing acumen to help preserve your investment.