Open your ears before your mouth.

The Web is the greatest focus group the world has ever known. You just have to know how to moderate it. Listening to topical conversations is the best way to start. Find venues and communities relevant to your brand or product. Hear what consumers and influencers are saying. Do they love you, despise you…even know about you? What about your competitors? Monitoring the social web on germane keywords can help you better test the waters rather than diving in headfirst. Binary Pulse has the tools that audit the social domain for you and help shape objectives and tactics based upon solid realities rather than starry-eyed preconceptions.

Win hearts and minds.

B2B and B2C organizations alike can find benefit via social media marketing with the right strategies. For complex solutions, establishing thought leadership that builds credibility and nurtures search engine prominence may afford the enduring visibility your brand needs throughout a long sales cycle. Or, when consumers are fickle and purchases more impulsive, engage prospects and reward loyalty with sociable offers that tip things in your favor. Customers want to feel good about a purchase of any size…before and after they make it. The right social media regimen can help you turn customers into willing advocates.

Do what you do best, partner for the rest.

Social media marketing, if not approached purposefully, can be a huge time drain. Maybe you’ve sworn it off because you don’t have the bandwidth, or maybe you’re struggling under the weight of a program grown beyond your means. Partnering with Binary Pulse – either at the inception of a program or somewhere midstream – can help shoulder the weight. Maybe you need tactical, day-to-day support, or simply a keen eye that sees the forest for the trees. Maybe both. Either way, it’s worth letting Binary Pulse pay you a social visit.