Commit your distinctions to messaging.

Branding is first and foremost a messaging challenge. It begins with organizational soul searching – defining what you want to stand for and/or understanding what you’ve become and reconciling the two. When synchronized, your actions and your intent become harmonious and result in a company or product that means what it says. Consumers respond to a good brand – one that is unique, relevant and believable. Documenting your claims of distinction and how you substantiate those claims is at the core of any branding initiative.

Broadcast your brand across all channels.

When you’ve messaged your distinctions, then you can soundly visualize them. Your brand should manifest in everything you do and say – from the design of your website to the language of your on-hold recording. Good brands are consistent across channels and over time. Through purposeful and persistent repetition, you can foster a definitive look and voice that helps customers build familiarity and inspire affinity.

Make a Brand Declaration.

The Brand Declaration is the end deliverable of Binary Pulse’s core branding process. It is the result of a series of coordinated discovery exercises and competitive research that helps distill your company or product’s key differentiable aspects. If you’re launching a new service or reinventing your organization, it can be a great place to start. Or, if you’ve retained another brand consultancy to do the high-level thinking, Binary Pulse has a long, proven track record of partnering to operationalize your new brand and see it consistently deployed, internally and externally. Look to us to champion your new brand.