Multimedia Presentations Have Legs

I often talk of the undeniable value of multimedia presentations. We see it time and time again…a presentation originally conceived for use solely on a corporate Web site finds new life at tradeshows, on DVDs, in one-on-one sales presentations, as a training tool, and now in the shareable social Web. More than ever, technology marketing clients understand the enduring ROI of multimedia and online video.

WalkAide puts its best foot forward
Case in point, Innovative Neurotronics, the company behind WalkAide and a Binary Pulse client since its spinoff from the Hanger Orthopedic Group in 2005, continues to get value from a presentation we developed more than three years ago.

WalkAide is an ingenious medical device that leverages functional electrical stimulation to treat foot drop — a condition experienced most often by stroke survivors, and people with multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury.

After its genesis in academic research and years of clinical trials, at the time of its rollout, WalkAide represented a completely new approach to treating foot drop. As such, it required a considerable amount of education about its utility and efficacy. In stepped multimedia.

See it to believe it
One of the first pieces we created for the WalkAide was a 3D-rendered animation that showed precisely how functional electrical stimulation works. Inside of 90 seconds, potential users, their families and their caregivers could understand WalkAide. No text-heavy brochures or pages of Web copy to read.

The multimedia piece tells the story in an engaging and intuitive manner. It also primes interest in the other marketing materials that follow (the brochures and Web pages), heightening their opportunity to be more effective once prospects have the fundamentals down.

More than ever, consumers demonstrate a clear preference for visual content before text. Multimedia satisfies that craving.

Keep PR one step ahead
Innovative Neurotonics has made great use of this 3D animation, along with other patient testimonials and usage video we’ve created over the years. Their PR team makes it readily available via b-roll DVDs, keeping them nimble and responsive to often last-minute opportunities for press coverage. It also helps WalkAide get the most mileage out of their multimedia investment.

I don’t often use this forum to plug our own successes in the spirit of providing valuable insights rather than shameless self-promotion. But I do want to congratulate the Innovative Neurotronics team on today’s feature story on the CBS Early Show. Check out the story (and a piece of our 3D animation at 1:33) below:

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