Proven methods that endure long sales cycles.

From semiconductors to SaaS solutions, selling IT hardware and software takes persistence. We aren’t talking about impulse buys here. We’re talking about research-intensive, multi-step sales cycles that have to run the gauntlet of purchasing committees and survive the rigors of technical demos.

Marketing has to be built for speed and for distance. Materials and insights need to be available to interested prospects where, when and how they want them. Offering valuable materials on demand (or upon request, when appropriate) helps you be there when qualified individuals decide to see what you’re all about. Then, when you’re in the running, we help you create a series of purposeful tools and resources that help move buyers from casual interest to serious evaluation.

Maintaining this stamina takes time, planning and the ability to learn – from sales staff and Web metrics. This helps Binary Pulse expand on what’s working, support sales on the front lines, and make every marketing dollar work as hard as possible.

We swim the channel with the best of them.

Beyond the needs of your end consumers, there are often myriad sales channels intervening in the purchase process. Satisfying those demands is often critical to breakthrough sales.

Binary Pulse is well-versed in the ways and means of channel marketing. From two-tier distribution to vertical- and horizontal-specific reseller communications, we craft materials that speak the right language and message the right drivers. As with any marketing, understanding the audience is key – and with the channel, that key can unlock all kinds of opportunity.