Rational approaches to emotional decisions.

Consumer electronics are increasingly essential to our quality of life. This may sound like a dramatic exaggeration, but when research indicates that 90+% of smartphone owners have it beside them 24/7, you realize the influence of this space.

We’re enamored by our devices. Seduced by features. Lured into the lustful want of newer/faster/better.

In short, consumer electronics purchases are subject to emotions. And marketing must satisfy those feelings with as much clinical precision as possible.

Listening to consumers. Communicating across channels.

Consumer electronics customers are verbal about their preferences. They are eager to tell others about what they like and aren’t afraid to broadcast what they don’t. Consequently, good CE marketing starts with listening. Researching trends and understanding allegiances. Participating in social communities and conversations. And engaging the customers we want to convert.

Advertising, packaging, websites – all should be consistently informed by the wants of consumers. By accommodating their needs and personalizing their experiences, we build the emotional connections that are the harbingers of brand loyalty.

Behind the curtain, support for sales reps as well as retailer education and incentive efforts can help arm legions of advocates where consumers congregate.