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Steve Jobs Goes on the Record Regarding Flash

There has been a LOT of press in the past few months about Apple’s seemingly inexplicable refusal to embrace Flash technology on its mobile devices. Every time I sit down to speculate on the subject, the story changes. Today, Steve Jobs himself chose to respond.


Google to Goose Broadband Speed

Google has announced the experimental launch of an ultra-high speed broadband network. Currently looking for volunteer communities to trial Google Fiber, Google claims that the system will deliver Internet access 100 times faster than currently available options. Namely, 1 gigabit per second.


Top 100 Social Brands for 2009

The Vitrue 100 was announced for 2009, indicating those brands that have most effectively embraced and engaged the social Web. Presence at the top of the list (many of them return from the 2008 list) represents a consistent, disciplined effort on the part of the brand. (And it doesn’t hurt to have awesome products.)


Facebook Brand Pages Poised to Get Google Boost

Google’s announcement that its new realtime search will feature Facebook status updates is big news. But there’s an important distinction here for technology marketers and social brand promotions.


Cisco Flip Spins Social

From the moment I read the press release pre-announcing Cisco’s “Do You Flip” campaign, the initiative just felt right to me. Take an inherently social product like the run-and-gun Flip video recorder, add user generated content (albeit the occasional celebrity generated content) as the hero, and drive all outreach efforts back to a site that not only provides real product information but also facilitates pandemic viral sharing, and you have one of the more social campaigns around.


Top 10 Internet Moments of the Decade Announced

New York’s International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences – bestowers of the annual Webby Awards – named the 10 most influential Internet moments of the decade. (In Web time, that’s 70 years to you and me.) The winners, you ask?

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