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Four Mistakes to Avoid in Email Marketing Segmentation

An estimated 72% of customers prefer that companies communicate with them by email. With this in mind, does your segmentation process have any holes?


Three Simple Ways to Enhance Your Content Marketing

Content marketing continues to be a top priority across many businesses and markets. Here are three approaches we’ve seen clients embrace to improve prospect engagement.


Gushing Over Technology

How excited can one really get over residential irrigation? Sure, it’s not glamorous, but that’s the beauty of solid, sensible technology – it never ceases to surprise.


10 Ways Companies Can Market Content Now

Here are 10 ways technology companies can market content now.


Instant Reaction to Google Instant

As a technology marketing professional, I’m trying to determine how Google Instant is going to affect Search Marketing.


Yahoo powered by Bing now live….for some

Yahoo! Organic Search Transition has begun. Testing of Paid Search Account Transition is now underway also.


Free Trial Upsells to a Monthly Membership

As a technology marketer, I appreciate the free trial strategy, one that we suggest to many of our clients. We often recommend offering a free trial, promoting the free trial and then up-selling the next step to those who take advantage of the trial.


Video Closes the Sale

With holidays quickly approaching and a planned visit from my parents, I realized that I didn’t have a bed for our new guest room but really didn’t think about it much until I saw an ad in the Wall Street Journal for an inflatable bed from Frontgate. Kudos to Frontgate for effectively using video to help their website visitors buy from them.


Virgin America. Branding Done Right.

I want to tell you about my first experience flying on Virgin America locally. Since the airline is relatively new to Orange County, I thought I’d give them a try on my recent business trip to the SF Bay area. It was a test to see how well they measured up to expectations created by their marketing promise.