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Slick LG/Avatar Tie-In Promo

Everyone who knows me understands that I am a full-fledged sci-fi geek. I have no issues with the characterization…I wear the badge proudly. I’ve been pretty pumped up about James Cameron’s upcoming effects extravaganza “Avatar” that purportedly pushes the art of 3D animation to never-before-seen limits. It comes out December 18th. Yesterday, LG launched an interesting Avatar tie-in promotion for its eXpo smartphone.


Cisco Flip Spins Social

From the moment I read the press release pre-announcing Cisco’s “Do You Flip” campaign, the initiative just felt right to me. Take an inherently social product like the run-and-gun Flip video recorder, add user generated content (albeit the occasional celebrity generated content) as the hero, and drive all outreach efforts back to a site that not only provides real product information but also facilitates pandemic viral sharing, and you have one of the more social campaigns around.


Facebook: 350 Million Users and Shoring

As Facebook trumpets passing 350 million users worldwide, it’s interesting to see a development over the past few weeks. If you’re a Facebook user, you’ve probably noticed that the Suggestions area of your home page has changed a bit. The area once solely focused on recommending new friends now includes advice on how to nurture your relationships with existing friends.


YouTube Video Captioning Another SEO Tool

Last week, I wrote about YouTube’s announcement on video captioning services. This nifty, augmented transcription feature certainly stands to enhance the accessibility of multimedia presentations to multiple audiences. And what I only suspected last week seems to be gaining supported belief now: that captioned videos stand to positively impact organic search.


Top 10 Internet Moments of the Decade Announced

New York’s International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences – bestowers of the annual Webby Awards – named the 10 most influential Internet moments of the decade. (In Web time, that’s 70 years to you and me.) The winners, you ask?


Automatic Captioning Now on YouTube Videos

Google just announced an interesting new service available for YouTube: automated captioning of uploaded videos. Simply upload a text file with a transcript of the video and Google’s speech recognition technology will figure out when those words are spoken and create captions based on this information. Pretty slick.


Twitter Comes to Roost on LinkedIn

Twitter continues to get its little claws firmly planted in the leading social networks. Following announcements with Bing and Google, and hooks out to Plaxo and Facebook via tools like TweetDeck, Twitter is successfully managing to diversify its reach across the social Web…now adding LinkedIn to its roster of interconnected communities.


New iMac is iMazing

I had some time to kill this weekend while my car was having its oil changed. I meandered over to Best Buy to see if they had the new 27″ iMac in store. They did. And it far surpassed even my most lustful, Mac-loving fantasies.


Sony Unveils 360˚ 3D Display

Sony unveils a prototype 360-degree 3D display. Early exploration of good stuff to come.



I had a discussion with a friend a few days ago who is an outsider to the marketing world. When she asked about a new prospect meeting I had, I reflexively explained that I was under NDA and couldn’t discuss the company or product in any detail. (18 years of conditioning works!) However, the fact that I tweeted about attending the meeting in the first place highlights the fact that all of us engaged in any social media marketing (SMM) activities sit at the top of a very slippery slope regarding confidentiality.


Google Announces Social Search

The intensifying battle between Bing and Google for social media hearts and minds ratcheted up a few notches last week with Google announcing Google Social Search at the Web 2.0 Summit. Part of that announcement was a somewhat veiled disclosure about Google’s agreement with Twitter.


Bing Getting Friendly with Twitter and Facebook

Bing has entered into separate agreements with Twitter and Facebook to begin indexing feeds from the two social networking sites. The socialsphere is abuzz (or atwitter) with the news. But what does the move mean for Bing and search in general?