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Windows 8 Preview Further Reveals a Touch Screen Future

Gotta admit, the Windows 8 sneak peek is pretty cool. Obviously, a lot of similarities between the mobile UI Microsoft’s been working on for years. Some people may think that’s odd or misguided, but to me, it’s inevitable. We’re in the middle of a breakneck race toward wholly mobile computing. Why wouldn’t the OS’s of the world be trying to stay one step ahead of that trend (if not leading it)?


Tech Firms Increasing Paid Search Spends

Interesting research findings from Covario on the rise of paid search among tech firms. Covario reports that Q1 spending was up 26% compared with the year-ago quarter, although it’s important to qualify that there was a 15% drop between Q4 ’09 and Q1 ’10. Still, an increase is an increase.


Facebook Ad Prowess on Full Display

Really significant new research indicates that Facebook has displaced Yahoo for the first time as the No. 1 revenue-generating site when it comes to display ads.


When Today Had No Clue What Tomorrow Was

A classic video that shows how, in 1994, Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel seemed totally dumbfounded by what the Internet was/is. A great chronicle of just how far and fast we’ve come in 17 short years.


Finding Tradeshow ROI with Location-Based Apps

Location-based apps are gradually becoming part of the social psyche. For regional marketers, location-based apps can help unlock neighborhoods and shopping centers. For tradeshow exhibitors, they stand to help unlock greater return on investment.


Are B2B Marketers a Bunch of Curmudgeons?

What is it about B2B marketers that would lead the rest of the world to see us as resistant to social media? Just because we don’t sell latt├ęs or lingerie, are we really perceived as being pissed that social media is invading our safe, boring little worlds?


Reflections on a Decade

Binary Pulse completed its corporate relocation last week after a full decade at its previous Costa Mesa address. Moving offices or homes is always a natural catalyst for reflection. And this move was no different.


Binary Pulse Settles Into New Offices

November 1 marks our first official day in our new corporate offices. A lot of logistics and a decent amount of elbow grease got us through last week.


Binary Pulse On the Move

After more than ten years in our current Costa Mesa location, Binary Pulse will be returning to Irvine at the end of October.


Two Moons Illuminate the Power of Social Media

If you’re like the bazillions of people who received the email spam that miraculously claimed that Mars would appear equal in size to the Moon Friday night, then you got a demonstration of the undeniable power of social media.


When Content Loses Chronology

Reading the recent news about Barnes & Noble’s financial woes and the suspected complicity of e-book sales in the company’s decline, my belief that the days of the printed book becoming a piece of nostalgia are fast approaching intensified. Regardless of what happens with e-book sales in the future, I think there’s something more interesting at work: the increased dissociation of content from physical form.


The Kin is Dead. Long Live the Kin.

Microsoft has officially pithed its latest mobile devices, the Kin. Revealed only in April and launched via Verizon in May amidst a significant marketing push, the Kin is waving buh-bye.