AT&T Whacked the Verizon Guy

Watching a pre-roll version of a recent AT&T commercial, I was taken aback at what appears to be a pretty clever, and not-so-subtle jab at arch-rival Verizon. In the spot (sorry, can’t find an online version of it to embed…yet), we follow an individual preparing for a trip. He takes his copy of “King Kong” from big screen to tablet as he gets in a cab to head to the airport. Along the way, traffic is snarled by an accident. Why? Well, the Verizon guy’s been mowed down on the boulevard.

Look at the progression of screens below and tell me that’s NOT what AT&T was implying. It’s a quick 3- or 4-second sequence, but the intent seems pretty clear to me.

Pretty funny, in my opinion. Would be good if the female doctor shown was actually an AT&T marketing exec. I like the EMT shoving the tablet in the Verizon’s guy’s face.

I’m sure AT&T is hoping their acquisition of T-Mobile will be sending Verizon to the ER soon.

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