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StatsPorn: Consumer Electronics Usage and Rankings

Here’s recent research from Nielsen (compiled in November 2009) on consumer electronics usage and category leadership. Everything from TV viewership to smartphone usage to the top gaming platforms.


My Personal Best of CES 2010

I managed to get to CES in Vegas this year. It’s been years since I attended and, frankly, after a year of economic trials and tribulations, I was hoping for some technological inspiration. Something to renew my faith in geekdom. And I’m pretty sure I got it.


Writing an Effective Corporate Social Media Policy

As social media continues to permeate our clients’ collective consciousness, the call for corporate policies is beginning to get louder. Some clients have the foresight to establish social media policies at the onset while some are playing catchup. So here are some good tips and references to consider when penning your company’s social media policies.


Top 100 Social Brands for 2009

The Vitrue 100 was announced for 2009, indicating those brands that have most effectively embraced and engaged the social Web. Presence at the top of the list (many of them return from the 2008 list) represents a consistent, disciplined effort on the part of the brand. (And it doesn’t hurt to have awesome products.)


Video Closes the Sale

With holidays quickly approaching and a planned visit from my parents, I realized that I didn’t have a bed for our new guest room but really didn’t think about it much until I saw an ad in the Wall Street Journal for an inflatable bed from Frontgate. Kudos to Frontgate for effectively using video to help their website visitors buy from them.


How to Track RSS Subscriptions

So many technology bloggers we work with get somewhat fixated on the number of user comments their posts garner (or don’t). “Why doesn’t anyone comment on our blog?” is the plaintive cry I hear. After I tell them that I sympathize (err…agonize) with them, I inform them that there are many other metrics to consider. One big one that often gets overlooked is RSS subscription.


Real-Time Search and Social Media Force SEO to Adapt

Recent announcements by Google and Bing about their increasing inclusion of tweets and social network status updates in SERPs is setting the SEO community alight. SEO is already a highly dynamic endeavor. While there are certainly core best practices that can be applied in virtually any circumstance, it requires customized effort to forge and defend page one rankings in a competitive space. Now, inject real-time feeds that can refresh literally every second and you understand why SEO is about to become infinitely more challenging and complex.


Facebook Brand Pages Poised to Get Google Boost

Google’s announcement that its new realtime search will feature Facebook status updates is big news. But there’s an important distinction here for technology marketers and social brand promotions.


Slick LG/Avatar Tie-In Promo

Everyone who knows me understands that I am a full-fledged sci-fi geek. I have no issues with the characterization…I wear the badge proudly. I’ve been pretty pumped up about James Cameron’s upcoming effects extravaganza “Avatar” that purportedly pushes the art of 3D animation to never-before-seen limits. It comes out December 18th. Yesterday, LG launched an interesting Avatar tie-in promotion for its eXpo smartphone.


Cisco Flip Spins Social

From the moment I read the press release pre-announcing Cisco’s “Do You Flip” campaign, the initiative just felt right to me. Take an inherently social product like the run-and-gun Flip video recorder, add user generated content (albeit the occasional celebrity generated content) as the hero, and drive all outreach efforts back to a site that not only provides real product information but also facilitates pandemic viral sharing, and you have one of the more social campaigns around.


Facebook: 350 Million Users and Shoring

As Facebook trumpets passing 350 million users worldwide, it’s interesting to see a development over the past few weeks. If you’re a Facebook user, you’ve probably noticed that the Suggestions area of your home page has changed a bit. The area once solely focused on recommending new friends now includes advice on how to nurture your relationships with existing friends.


YouTube Video Captioning Another SEO Tool

Last week, I wrote about YouTube’s announcement on video captioning services. This nifty, augmented transcription feature certainly stands to enhance the accessibility of multimedia presentations to multiple audiences. And what I only suspected last week seems to be gaining supported belief now: that captioned videos stand to positively impact organic search.