Yahoo powered by Bing now live….for some

Yahoo! Organic Search Transition has begun. Testing of Paid Search Account Transition is now underway also.

Yahoo! announced yesterday some of the progress they’ve made with the search alliance transition. Yahoo! has been talking about the Yahoo! / Microsoft search alliance for quite some time but we now can see how the transition is affecting Yahoo! search results for some users. Today, we did a small in-house experiment and noticed that, for some of us, we’re seeing Yahoo results powered by Bing. Others in the office aren’t seeing any difference yet.

So many people focus on Google that they may be surprised to see their organic results change on Yahoo! when the transition to Microsoft’s technology takes place.

You’ll miss a lot of opportunities if you focus solely on Google. According to comScore, In June of 2010, Yahoo! and Microsoft accounted for over 30% of the US search market on their related sites. To read the report click here.

We’ve historically found results to be pretty similar between Yahoo! and Microsoft anyway but there could be significant changes for many. If your company relies on organic traffic for leads or sales this change could have an impact worth preparing for.

For some users/terms, Microsoft technology is powering the search results. You can see results for one of our search phrases “Technology Marketing Firm” in the screenshots below. The results are the same on either search engine.

This next screengrab is of the footer on the Yahoo! SERP (Search Engine Results page) above.

For more information about this important transition, click here.

Philosophically, I’m happy to see a stronger 2nd choice when it comes to search marketing. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming months. I’d expect marketing professionals to pay a lot more attention to Yahoo! / Microsoft than they did as individual companies in the recent past.

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