The World Didn’t End. Just Our Old Website.

Despite years of hype, dread and portentous anticipation, it turns out that December 21, 2012 isn't the end of the world.

In hindsight, I’d like to offer another explanation. Instead of the Earth opening to swallow all of humanity whole, I profess that the Mayans were actually predicting the launch of the new Binary Pulse website.

I could be exaggerating (nah…), but redesigning our own website seems just about as incredible of an event. Something cosmic in its significance and magnitude. It’s been a LONG time coming, and although the ground is still a little shaky beneath our feat – we’ll most likely be experiencing aftershocks for a few weeks while we discover broken links and uncover CSS browser anomalies – we’re very happy (and relieved) to have our new site complete as we head into 2013.

So thank you, Mayan Calendar Makers™ – for putting the power of prophecy and the fear of apocalypse at our backs and motivating us to complete the new We can now safely look forward to the future.


800 Languages, 1 Typeface

Fascinating case study about Google and Monotype’s collaboration on Noto – an incredibly ambitious project to create one master typeface that can display on any device, any medium, in any language or writing system.


Drone on the Farm

A report from the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International predicted that the legalization of commercial drones would create more than $80 billion of positive economic impact (i.e., revenue and job creation) between 2015 and 2025. The predicted biggest piece of that growth? Agriculture.


Ready for Smart Tattoos?

MIT Media Lab, in partnership with Microsoft Research, has unveiled DuoSkin, a project that uses temporary tattoos as connected interfaces that can be used in a variety of ways.