The Tweet Less Traveled

M. Scott Peck in his landmark book, “The Road Less Traveled,” wrote about striking balance in life. Balance is a discipline, like problem-solving and time management. And like most disciplines, the typical way to learn it is to get a few bruises along the way.

Peck was no different in his learning style. He wrote about his experience as a 9-year-old daredevil unwilling to give up the ecstasy of riding his new bicycle down a steep hill. His ecstasy ended when he couldn’t negotiate the corner at the bottom of that hill. The scratched up and bleeding kid no longer was the owner of a new bike. He was the owner of a twisted piece of metal, gnarled by the impact against a tree.

“I had lost my balance,” Peck wrote.

How many times a day or week do you feel like you’ve lost your balance?

Many technology, medical device and information services marketers still express doubt and concern that they can add social media marketing to their already unbalanced professional lives. They also wondered how they could strike the right balance to bring the knowledge gleaned through social media into their sales, customer service, technical support and product development cycles.

Can you find the tweet less traveled?
Social media is a two-way conversation that requires brand-alignment and planning. It is a discipline based on balance. Without balance, you’re simply talking to yourself – or worse, talking down or shouting at your community. To find balance, ask yourself these questions:

  • What does your community say about you now?
  • What does your community find important?
  • What burdens will your community place on you and can you fulfill them?
  • What resources (people, time, money) can you spend on social media?
  • How will you measure your success beyond return on investment, such as return on objectives or return on reputation?
  • Where will you build your communities?
  • How will you spend 50 percent of your time listening?

Now it’s our turn to listen. Will you share with us how you find balance in the chaotic world of social media?

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