The iPhone 4G is Officially Launched

After its much-chronicled, unofficially leaked debut, the iPhone 4G is now ready for its closeup. Check out the official video on the Apple site.

Possible game-changer: FaceTime video calling with the ability to switch between front-of-phone and back-of-phone views on the fly. (Something I wish the Flip did.)

Possible game-choker: Battery life. They tout 40% more battery life thanks to a bigger battery. I’m guessing you’ll need it. Recharging after every FaceTime call would suck.

I think a lot of people will wait until the whole AT&T marriage sorts itself out. If that honeymoon is, indeed, over and iPhone opens to Verizon and other carriers, it’s game over for every other smartphone.

Quests for Quantum

One technology quietly sliding from the realm of science fiction to science fact is quantum computing. This article from Singularity Hub speculates on the fields that stand to be most profoundly impacted by the rise of this powerful new way to process our world.


Interstellar Travel by 2037?

Think about how dramatically different the world is today from 20 years ago. Consider the incredible pace of evolution of the technologies around us. Do that and you may realize that interstellar travel in the next 20 years may not be such a longshot. (It may just look different than you’re envisioning.)


Video To Go

According to The Ooyala Global Video Index Report, more than 50% of all video plays were on mobile in 2016 for the first time; that number is expected to rise to 60% in 2017.