Can You Spot the Difference Between 1966 and 2011?

Here’s a fantastic video in the “what the future will look like” vein: a 1966 prediction of home computing in 1999. Despite the kitsch-quality, it’s pretty remarkable how some of the points have come to pass: home security, online banking, stylus computing, email, multiple displays. My favorite part (beyond the wife happily buying and husband begrudgingly paying the bills bit) is the depiction of the consoles themselves. All the screwy dials and buttons…no real keyboard. The husband’s office looks like NORAD. And the self-repairing circuits that report themselves to the “communal service agency.” Were we supposed to all be living in communal hives by now?


800 Languages, 1 Typeface

Fascinating case study about Google and Monotype’s collaboration on Noto – an incredibly ambitious project to create one master typeface that can display on any device, any medium, in any language or writing system.


Drone on the Farm

A report from the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International predicted that the legalization of commercial drones would create more than $80 billion of positive economic impact (i.e., revenue and job creation) between 2015 and 2025. The predicted biggest piece of that growth? Agriculture.


Ready for Smart Tattoos?

MIT Media Lab, in partnership with Microsoft Research, has unveiled DuoSkin, a project that uses temporary tattoos as connected interfaces that can be used in a variety of ways.